Dear Gilmin Group Supporters,

 We are so thankful to God for giving us a measure of faith to begin this ministry and we are so thankful for how you allow God to use you to bless us.  
I could share miracle after miracle how God has been just on time when it comes to paying bills, providing food, or moving mountains for us to see His greatness. 
In addition to providing all our physical needs, God has also made a way for us to progress with the building.  Under Mr. Jim Austin’s guidance, the work shop has become functional, Don has been able to serve people in the garage, and we are getting closer and closer to the upstairs being finished.  Please continue to pray for us as we seek to expand our board.  We are looking for people who can grasp the vision God has given us and helped us share that with our community.  I am going to include a devotional from Stand Firm Day by Day, which Salin bought for me.  I wanted to include it, because it reminded me of the things God has taught us through this ministry and how you all have been used to bless us.  If anyone feels led to become more involved in the day to day operation of Gilmin, please contact us, and we would love to sit down and share more about what God has done and where He is leading.  Thanks for everything, I hope you enjoy the devotional.

                                                  “Staying on Track”

A man’s steps are determined by the Lord, so how can anyone understand his own way? (Pro. 20:24)

A Pinch of Perspective

At one time or another, many of us will wonder, How’d I wind up doing this for a living” or How’d I end up working here?  Today we’ll touch on two antidotes for work dissatisfaction: perspective and purpose.  Both are absolutely critical.
Despite our culture’s life-planning and self-fulfillment emphases, we’re not the ones in charge.  God is.  When we became Christians, we forfeited our self-serving ways and became a part of the body of Christ, whose sole purpose is to glorify Him.  It isn’t about us anymore; it’s about God.  Yet we often don’t fully understand the story God is writing for our lives.  It can seem like a lot of unnecessary side stories and painful episodes are going on.  Nevertheless, by faith we must choose to trust that God is working a masterpiece in our lives, so we’ve got to show up and play our part the best we can.

A Dash of Purpose

We can also become so entangled in deciphering our professional calling, we forget that the Christian life is less about what we do and more about how, why, and for whom we do it.  A God-honoring janitor is vastly more useful than a self-serving executive; the first earns heavenly gold, while the second makes fuel for the fire.  So while your life may feel confusing at times, it doesn’t mean you’re off-track.

Bottom Line

Whether digging ditches or negotiating mergers, earthly work always includes the potential for eternal impact.  So do the best you can right where you are.


Our mowing ministry is in full swing.  We are blessed to serve those who are unable to tend to the task of mowing and triming their yard.  We get to continue to show God's love of our neighbor through this ministry.  


​                                                                 A NOTE FRM A FRIEND

​Provers 2:6 states: For the Lord gives wisdom; from His mouth comes knowledge and understanding .  While the Bible is our primary source of gleaning such wisdom, God in His graciousness and generosity also places people in our lives that have long walked in His counsel and are additional sources we can turn to for guidance and Godly direction.  A decade ago my family found Travis and Christie Lynch to be an essential source of input for Godly counsel as we found ourselves in a season of turmoil and chaos.  In a time of desperation with a struggling and hurting teenager and the breakdwn of a flawed family unit we were directed toward Gilmin.  Through lengthy phone conversations and home visits we built a relationship with Travis and he was able to walk us through the steps of various processes and provide much insight into areas we had never navigated.  Throughout the following years, our relationship has continued as the Lynch family has upheld our family in prayer and Travis has provided further guidance in family situations.  Christie has been a personal  blessing to me in her willingness and openness to speak of the faithfulness of God in both providing for and directing their family in future ministry outreaches.  The Lynch family powerfully demonstrates a commitment to loving their neighbor as they seek to glorify God in all they do whether it be mowing a lawn, speaking to a church group, providing spiritual guidance, or challenging one's thoughts with deep questions.  As Travis and Christie walk in faith and trust in the wisdom the Lord has given them, they are able to view each new situation and challenge the Lord leads them to a blessing and never a burden.   As such they are flexible and adaptable and able to speak knowledge and understanding into many varying and difficult life trials that families may experience.  At times when people speak to me of difficulties with a teen, I know that I can direct them to Gilmin and they will receive an open ear and be provided with wise advise.  It is a pleasure to pray for and support the ministry and I would welcome any further questions.

Jenny Atwell  (859) 302-5108

The building is nearing completion.  Thank you to the numerous supporters who have contributed in so many ways in helping us get this building up and functioning.  God has blessed us and so many others with this workshop.  We have been able to refurbish vehicles that have been donated and gift them to others in need.  We are thankful!  Below is a note of thanks from a dear lady,  Betty Wasson

The car we received from the Gilmin Group was a gift from God Ms. Betty stated.  I truly feel that God was behind how it all worked out.  Ms. Betty stated that she had prayed, "Lord, you know I don't have the money to get a car or any way to get one"  God knew the plan though.   I just appreciate all that the Gilmin Group did to work this out for my family to have this car.  This ministry is a gift!

We enjoyed our annual trip to King Island thanks to KI Cares..  A fun time was enjoyed by all.  We also visited the zoo.
God is good and we love and enjoy these fun times with all of the Gilmin family.  

We also thank all of you who donated vehicles you no longer use.   From your generosity we have been able to provide 14 vehicles to families or individuals.  
Gilmin Group News

September, 2019


597 Pinewoods Road ~ Berea, KY ~ 40403
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We are always busy at the Gilmin's.  The mowing season has kept us very busy again this summer.  We also continue school work everyday.    There also is sharing of chores and of course we have continued work on the building and many auto repairs.  We are also happy to lend a listening ear to many and give care to many who have a specific need or just friendship. 

We received a letter from someone who is very dear to us, Mr.  William Ramsay.  We wanted to share this with you:

Travis and Christie not only embody wholesome love, but have strength of body and mind and abilities they readily share.  Watching them open their home to young men and others in need of help and giving them meaningful support, structure and guidance, has been an inspiration.  We have been the recipients of their love and service, for which we thank the Lord. Being in our upper 80's we can no longer do some of the tasks which we did when younger.  When a heavy snow broke branches off the trees lining our driveway and blocked the access to our home, we wondered whom we could call to help us.  Then we heard the noise of a chain saw.   There was Travis and Christie with their daughter Grace clearing our passage.  Somehow, they are aware of our needs and respond without being asked.  And they do trhis for countless people in all kinds of circumstances.  My wife, who is home-bound, hears Travis outside mowing and relaxes back in her chair saying "Travis is taking care of us"  What a blessing they are to us and to everyone the Lord puts in their path