Dear Gilmin Group Supporters,

The first of the year often evokes feelings and emotions directed toward the future, but this time usually causes me to reflect.  Turning my resignation in, from a job I loved, nearly 8 ½ years ago was a huge step in faith.  To be honest, I still don’t know how I made the decision.  My thoughts were consumed with how I would support my family, pay for Andrew’s college, and feed and care for those who God brought into my life.  The greatest lesson learned, God supports my family, and He has provided for everyone who has crossed our doorstep.  Our faith has grown exponentially over the years.  We are so thankful to God for giving us a measure of faith to begin this ministry and we are so thankful for how you allow God to use you to bless us. 
I could share miracle after miracle how God has been just on time when it comes to paying bills, providing food, or moving mountains for us to see His greatness.
In addition to providing all our physical needs, God has also made a way for us to progress with the building.  Under Mr. Jim Austin’s guidance, the work shop has become functional, Don has been able to serve people in the garage, and we are getting closer and closer to the upstairs being finished.  Please continue to pray for us as we seek to expand our board.  We are looking for people who can grasp the vision God has given us and help us share that with our community.  I am going to include a devotional from Stand Firm Day by Day, which Salin bought for me.  I wanted to include it, because it reminded me of the things God has taught us through this ministry and how you all have been used to bless us.  If anyone feels led to become more involved in the day to day operation of Gilmin, please contact us, and we would love to sit down and share more about what God has done and where He is leading.  Thanks for everything, I hope you enjoy the devotional.

                                                 “Staying on Track”

A man’s steps are determined by the Lord, so how can anyone understand his own way? (Pro. 20:24)

A Pinch of Perspective

At one time or another, many of us will wonder, How’d I wind up doing this for a living” or How’d I end up working here?  Today we’ll touch on two antidotes for work dissatisfaction: perspective and purpose.  Both are absolutely critical.
Despite our culture’s life-planning and self-fulfillment emphases, we’re not the ones in charge.  God is.  When we became Christians, we forfeited our self-serving ways and became a part of the body of Christ, whose sole purpose is to glorify Him.  It isn’t about us anymore; it’s about God.  Yet we often don’t fully understand the story God is writing for our lives.  It can seem like a lot of unnecessary side stories and painful episodes are going on.  Nevertheless, by faith we must choose to trust that God is working a masterpiece in our lives, so we’ve got to show up and play our part the best we can.

A Dash of Purpose

We can also become so entangled in deciphering our professional calling, we forget that the Christian life is less about what we do and more about how, why, and for whom we do it.  A God-honoring janitor is vastly more useful than a self-serving executive; the first earns heavenly gold, while the second makes fuel for the fire.  So while your life may feel confusing at times, it doesn’t mean you’re off-track.

Bottom Line

Whether digging ditches or negotiating mergers, earthly work always includes the potential for eternal impact.  So do the best you can right where you are.


Gilmin Friends,
It is amazing that we find ourselves at the beginning of another new year.  With this thought, I just want to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for the generosity and love you have shown us this past year, and share with you a few of the highlights of the past several months.

One of the big projects of this past fall has been our academic excellence recognition program we were involved in at Kingston Elementary.  With the help of some amazing folks at the Berea Walmart, The Berea Subway, Dunkin Donuts, Chick Fil-A and some of our women’s mission ladies, we were able to show some love to the staff and provide lunch or goodies several times throughout the fall.  There are a lot of gifted educators at Kingston, and it felt awesome to be able to tell them that we were blessing them simply because God had blessed us.   Also, because of God’s provision, we were able to give out 37 awards to students for their accomplishments in mathematics. The Berea Walmart and Kenny Fields came through again and provided $500.00 worth of gift cards given for achievement in citizenship and academics.

This year has also brought about several changes and milestones in our family here.  Drew has completed his first semester of college and has now moved out, but is still very much a part of our family.  Salin, who has allowed us to love him as our own for 6 years has completed his fall semester as junior at Eastern Kentucky University.  He finished his basic training this past summer and is also part of our National Guard.  He is also in the process of moving into an apartment.  Andrew is back in the United States to complete his final semester at Eastern Kentucky University after spending last fall studying in South Korea.  Gracie is thriving in her home school studies and has been able to spend a lot of time at a nearby stable which has been amazing since her heart lies in equestrian studies. This fall also brought us an energetic 5-year-old by the name of Allen.  Allen has been with us since early September and has definitely kept us hopping.  We have been homeschooling him and he has far surpassed the usual academic expectations for a child his age.  We also have a new young man named Jack who arrived 2 days before Christmas.  In addition to the ones mentioned by name,  we have also had several others who have stayed with us for periods of time this past year.
On behalf of the Gilmin Group and all who have benefited by your obedience to God and generosity to us, we thank you!

Gilmin Group News

January, 2018


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I would like to share a  few thoughts as I think back over this year.

First, as Paul states in 2 Corinthians 4:1, "Therefore, since through God's mercy we have this ministry, we do not lose heart".  John Pipers explains this verse by saying , "Paul knows that he has his ministry not because of his merit or own initiative, but by the mercy of God."  I know, like Paul, that our ministry has occurred and has endured, not because of Travis or me, but because of God's mercy and His will.  The past eight years have definitely been a journey and this past year has been an amazing part of it.

With my realization of what God has mercifully allowed us to be a part of, I have been thinking about gratitude.  I have shared with many of you of my fear when we knew what God was asking of us those years ago.  I am now sooo grateful He allowed me to be part of His plan.  Seeing how He has worked everything out for us, (by the mercy of God), my faith has grown so much.  Along with the growth of my faith has been the increase of my daily sense of gratitude.  I know that gratitude and thankfulness need to be part of our daily lives.  If we are truly thankful, not only for what God through Jesus did for us on the cross, but also for how He works in our lives every day, I know we, or should I say I, will be able to love those who are in my life completely.  Through my gratitude to Him I remember how He loves me, so I know that is how I need to strive to show love too. One way God has shown his love and merciful provision has been through your precious support and prayers.  I know I am thankful every day because your faithful support has allowed us to continue in this mission God has set before us and show his love to those who have been part of our Gilmin Family.


We also had another very successful "Bowling Event" in October.  Thank you all who came out and bowled.  I think we almost filled every lane at Galaxy Bowling Lanes in Richmond.  We also want to thank everyone who contributed to the
Silent Auction.  We something to excite everyone and many of us got to take home some great items.  Again, thank you for your participation and help.

We were also able to take another day to have fun at Kings Island last spring.  Thank you to KI Cares program for the tickets.  Everyone had fun!

We also try to do something special for each person on their birthday.  Even though we may have a full house and have a challenge making  sure everyone gets the attention they need and deserve, we try to make their birthday, a day that is all about them.  They get to choose the menu for the day and plan something they enjoy and of course what kind of cake they want. 

The upstairs is a place where friends, families and other believers come to fellowship with us.
This area is the woodworking portion of the building.  This area will allow for mentors to work with the young men and serve our community.