Spiritual Growth

While living at the Gilmin Home, spiritual growth is encouraged by a Christian couple who also serve as Southern Baptist North American Missionaries, and the extended Christian family in their local churches. 

Educational Growth
The boys' educational progress is supervised by a professional educator with 14 years of public school service.  Each boy's educational needs are assessed and individual academic success plans are designed for them.  Depending on his needs, a boy may experience educational growth in  public, private, or homeschooling environments. 

Physical and Psychological Growth
The physical and psychological well-being of the individuals we serve  is developed through regular physical training programs on the farm and regular on-site Christian counseling by the home's staff and outside Christian support groups in the local church. 

Lifeskill Growth
Lifeskill development is also a vital component  for meaningful adult lives.  Everyone shares  in maintaining a house and farm.  They learn to plan and prepare meals, maintain a clean and orderly household, care for laundry, manage personal finances, and many other practical, daily living skills. Great emphasis on developing interpersonal relationship skills and communication is stressed. 

Vocational Growth
Through on-site facilities and partnerships with members of the community, they can receive vocational training in automotive repair and maintenance, carpentry/woodworking, and culinary arts and agriculture.  

Gilmin Home
The Gilmin Home
The Gilmin Home is a family-oriented home that serves young men ages 12 and up as well as individuals and families who need help.  These individuals  live at the home with the Lynch family as one extended family group.  The spiritual, educational, occupational, physical and psychological needs are lovingly cared for daily.  The staff of the Gilmin Home provide a stable, loving, Christian home life to foster the healing and growth that is necessary to live wholesome, productive lives.

The home serves as a light for our community, state, nation, and world as to the redeeming power and grace of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  The individuals who come here,  are surrounded by adults who dedicate their lives to helping people discover their strengths and talents while showing them how to glorify God with their talents through service.  The individuals actually live as a part of our family and are allowed to stay as long as they want.  While living with us, they are afforded an education that is customized to their abilities and aspirations.  Each person is taught  basic life skills while exploring vocational interests such as the automotive, construction, and culinary arts fields.  The knowledge gained is used to serve those they live with or people in their community.  As one example of giving back to the community, our team of boys and staff mow about twelve yards each week during the summer at no cost to those we serve.  Using their knowledge and skills to serve others helps these young men understand the model life that Christ exhibited through His life of service and sacrifice.  We at the Gilmin Group work to provide the foundation that these boys will need to be the husbands, fathers, and leaders Christ desires for them to be.

The home provides a nurturing home to many young men who desire help in becoming the man God intended them to be.  The young men are surrounded by people who desire only to show God’s love and who will do whatever it takes to help them reach their God-given potential.  Each young man is given the opportunity to gain the appropriate knowledge, education, and skills, that will help him serve his community and family.  This is all for the glory of God.    

In addition to the boys we serve, we also help families in crisis by providing food, shelter and consuling to them as well.